Wednesday 7th October, 2015
8:30AM-9:15AM Opening Ceremony - Ragan Theater
Opening remarks and introduction of the speaker by Deann Torsak, Executive Secretary of the Conference, WOMC Organizing Committee, Utah Valley University Student
Welcoming address by Dr. Danielle Butler, Chairman of the Women of the Mountains Conference
Greetings from Utah Governor Herbert read by Tami Pyfer, Governor Herbert’s Education Adviser

Presentation by Dr. Rusty Butler, Associate Vice President, International Affairs and Diplomacy, Focal Point for the Mountain Partnership, Utah Valley University, “Women of the Mountains Conferences and promotion of gender and Sustainable Mountain Development Agendas” (Presentation)
9:15AM-9:30AM Video-presentation about WOMC organizing committee (Video)
9:30AM-9:45AM Introduction of the speaker by Kimberly Williamson, WOMC Organizing Committee, Brigham Young University Student

Keynote address, Celeste Mergens, Chairwoman, NGO, Days for Girls Founder “Women of Strength: The Power of Honoring the Wisdom and Needs of Women and Girls”
10:00AM-10:30AM Introduction of the speaker by Tony Medina, Vice President for Logistics and Protocol, WOMC Organizing Committee, Utah Valley University Student - Room LI120

Presentation of Mia Rowan, Communications and Advocacy Officer, Mountain Partnership, F.A.O – U.N. “Improving the Lives and Livelihoods of Women and Men in the Mountains” (Presentation, Partnering with Mountains, Celebrating Mountains on 11 December)
10:50AM-1:00PM Panel Session on Education of Women & Children
Moderators: Gina Wolfgramm and Cristobal Villegas, Utah Valley University Students
Advisors: Dr. Sara Ulloa, Associate Professor, Department of Languages and Cultures, Dr. Alex Stecker, Room LI421

1. Dr. Vessela Ilieva, Associate Professor, Utah Valley University, “Mathematics of the Mountains: and Ethnomatematical Approach to mathematics Education”
2. Diana Lucia Chaman Salas,(Peru) Project Coordinator, Red de Agroindustria Rural (REDAR) del Perú, “Educational Alternatives for Rural Development in the Andes” (Presentation)
3. Dr. Nichole Wangsgard, Associate Professor, Utah Valley University “Children with Disabilities”
4. Dr. Deborah Escalante, Associate Professor, Utah Valley University “Arts Education: Telling Our Story”
5. Joseph Loftin, Principal, Wasatch Academy, Mount Pleasant, Utah, “Access to Educational Opportunities for Women in Communities Throughout the World”
6. Dr. Alex Yuan, Assistant Professor, Utah Valley University “Mountain Women’s Education in China”
10:50AM-1:00PM Panel Session on Economic Issues of Women & Children
Moderator: Mary Cisneros, Utah Valley University Student, and Ryan Bastian, Brigham Young University MBA Program Graduate 2015, Advisor: Dr. Hong Pang, Assistant Professor, History and Political Science, and Dr. Boyd Bauer, Global Engagement Consultant - Room LI428

1. Yankila Sherpa, (Nepal) President, Snow Leopard Trek, Nepal, “Empowering Mountain Women for Sustainable Livelihood through Eco-tourism and Best Practices in the Environment”
2. Sejuti Sarkar De, (India) Chief Coordinator, Society for Natural Resource Management and Community Development, India, “Utilization of Forest Products by Mountain Women” (Presentation)
3. Uday Teki, Director of Special Projects, Pioneer Park Coalition, Salt Lake City, Courtney McBeth, Associate Director, Hinckley Institute, University of Utah, Ruth Gerritsen-McKane, Director, Global Social Work, University of Utah “Economic Empowerment of Women” (Presentation)
4. Dr. Warner Woodworth, Professor Emeritus, Brigham Young University, and Global Social Entrepreneur, “Sustainable Empowerment to Transform Women of the Mountains” (Presentation)
5. Manzura Makhkamova, (Tajikistan) Business Consultant, Tajikistan, “Economic Development in Tajikistan”
6. Dr. Sara Ulloa, Associate Professor, Utah Valley University, Janessa Pendleton, Utah Valley University Student “Wealth and Poverty in the Andes of Peru”
7. Gulshan Tynystanova, Director, Tourist Agency “Bon Voyage” LTD, Kyrgyzstan and Mira Attokurova, Chief accountant Batua LLP, Almaty, Kazakhstan, "Role of Women in Economic Reforms in Kyrgyzstan"
10:50AM-1:00PM Panel Session on Health of Women & Children
Moderator: M’Lissa Griffith, Utah Valley University Student, and Kristin Brown Advisor: Dr. Geoffrey Cockerham, Associate Professor, History and Political Science Department, - Room SC213A

1. Elise Corbett, RN “The Effects of Gender Inequality on Women’s Health in Rural India”
2. Dr. Teresa Cardon, Associate Professor/Director Autism Studies Utah Valley University , “Autism Spectrum Disorders” (Presentation)
3. Lora Beth Brown EdD, RDN, Professor, Brigham Young University ,“Nutrition Challenges and Opportunities for Women and Children: Important Messages and Lessons Learned along the Way”
4. Dr. Fern Caka, Associate Professor, Utah Valley University“Concentration of Indoor Air Pollution in Nepal from Yak Dung Combustion”
5. Bernice Anakrah,(Ghana) Director, Days for Girls Ghana (Presentation)
6. Dr. Lynn England, Lecturer, Utah Valley University, “Extending Fundamental Rights to Women of the Mountains: The Cuban Model” (Presentation)
7. Cheryl Corbett, Associate Professor, Brigham Young University and Jamie Peterson Gettys, Brigham Young University Student, “Women and Birth: Comparison of Birth Experiences Across Cultures”
10:50AM-1:00PM Panel Session on Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Women and Children
Moderator: Lisa Shepherd, Utah Valley University Student, Advisor: Dr. Lynn England, Lecturer, History and Political Science Department, - Room SC213B

1. Evelyn McCoy, Graduate student, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, “Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Adolescents: Public Policy and Social Interventions in Peru” (Presentation)
2. Caitlin McDonald, Chairman, Refugee Women’s Empowerment Coordinator at the Refugee and Immigrant Center - Asian Association of Utah, “Challenges and Solutions: Refugee Women-at-Risk in Salt Lake City, Utah” (Presentation)
3. Dorie Olds, Master Aesthetician/Massage Therapist “Living in the Face of Truth Unspoken: The Hidden Culture of the Exploitation of Women”
4. Samira Harnish, Director, NGO, Women of the World, “Overcoming Exploitation of Refugee Women” (Presentation)
5. Brandy Farmer, Domestic Violence Prevention Specialist, Utah “Why Doesn’t She Just Leave” (Presentation)
6. Clay Olsen – CEO/Co-Founder, Fight the New Drug “Porn’s Dirty Little Secret”
7. Dr. Kristine Frederickson, Brigham Young University, “Josephine Butler and the 19th Century ‘White Slave Trade’: A Comparative Model for Stymieing the Sexual Trafficking of Women and Children in the twenty-first Century”
1:30PM-2:30PM Lunch hosted by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS), - Room SC206 a-c
Introduction of the speaker by Jenny Starley, PR and Fundraising, WOMC Organizing Committee, Utah Valley University Student Greetings and introduction of the CHSS by Dean David Yells

Keynote speaker: Leslie D. Mower, Co-Founder of Neways, entrepreneur and author
Introduction of the performers by Molly Hone, WOMC organizing committee, Utah Valley University Student
Musical performance: Keller’s Family, Orem, Utah
2:40-3:30PM Introduction of the speakers by Lisa Shepherd, WOMC Organizing Committee, Utah Valley University Student – Ragan Theater

Keynote Presentation by Timothy Ballard, Founder and CEO, Operation Underground Railroad, and Sean Reyes, Utah Attorney General, “Human Trafficking in Utah and Beyond”
3:45PM-4:00PM Introduction of the speaker by Kamaile Harris, WOM Organizing Committee, Salt Lake City Liaison – Room LI120

Keynote Presentation by Jed Shilling, Board of Trustees, the Mountain Institute, “Making Mountains a Top Priority.” (Presentation)
4:00PM-5:00PM Plenary Session: “Gender activities and Post-2015 agenda” – Room LI120
Introduction of the speakers by Parker Nielsen, Head of Protocol, WOM Organizing Committee, Utah Valley University Student
1. Irene Marr, Office of Global Women Issues, United States Department of State, “Why Investing in Women and Girls Advances US Foreign Policy” (Notes)
2. Andrea Kutter, Sr. Operations Officer, Office of the Sr. Director, Environment and Natural Resources, The World Bank, “Post-2015 – a New Opportunity for Women,”
5:15PM-5:30PM Introduction of the speakers by Carlos Alarco, WOM Organizing Committee, University of Utah Liaison - Room LI120

Keynote Presentation by Alexey Semyonov, President, Andrei Sakharov Foundation, and Baktybek Abdrisaev, Lecturer, Utah Valley University, “Sustainable Mountain Development and Political Reforms in Central Asia” (Presentation)
5:30PM-6:30PM Plenary Session: “National Policies to Promote Gender Agenda in the SDGs” – Room LI120
Introduction of the speakers by Murdoch Bryan Matthew, WOM Organizing Committee, Utah Valley University Student

1. Permanent Representative of Romania to the United Nations, H.E. Ion Jinga; “Women Empowerment and Gender Equality: A Religion of the 21st Century”.
2. Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the United States, H.E. Meret Orazov; "Women and Social Policy of Turkmenistan". (Presentation , Presentation Text)
6:30PM Dinner hosted by the Office of VP for Student Affairs (OSA) - Oquirrh Mountain North
Introduction of the speaker by Jesler Molina, Utah International Mountain Forum (UIMF) President
Greetings and introduction of the OSA by VP for Student Affairs Michelle Taylor

Keynote address by the Honorable John Valentine, Utah Tax Commissioner, “Building personal relations between mountain communities in the Rocky Mountain Region and Central Asia Through Legislative Exchanges”
Presentation by Brady Williams and Nina Fae, Utah Valley University Students, “Summit Database and Climate Change” (Presentation)
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