2013 Event

Mountain Focus Group Meeting

New York - Italian Mission to the UN - #FOM MOUNTAIN VALUES

Dear colleagues

Please find herewith an invitation from the Italian Mission to the UN – the invitation is being extend to all Governments, UN and US-based major group organizations which are members of the Mountain Partnership. The meeting venue is: Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations 885, Second Avenue - 49th floor  New York, NY 10017

Meeting in progress

North American MP members representatives with Mia Rowan

Letter from UIMF to Mountain Focus Group | Letter from the UVU to Mountain Focus Group

Mountains and the Sustainable Development Goals - Brief | Mountain Focus Group participants

Mountain Focus Group Meeting

The Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations is pleased to invite you to a meeting of the Mountain Focus Group, which will take place at the Mission on Thursday 17 October 2013, from 4.00 to 5.30 pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and coordinate a common strategy to promote the inclusion of mountain related issues in the Post Rio+20 processes with special reference to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Post-2015 agenda.

>The agenda is as follows:

1. Welcome and opening remarks.

2.  Discussion on: “Why Mountains matter in the Post Rio+20 processes”, with a presentation by Thomas Hofer (Coordinator, Mountain Partnership Secretariat).

3.  Remarks by Governments and organizations.

4.  Discussion on: “The way forward – defining the next steps”.

5.  Q&A

6.  Closing remarks

The Mountain Focus Group, an intergovernmental open-ended group established in connection with the proclamation of the International Year of the Mountains 2002, is actively engaged to raise awareness on mountain issues within the UN system.