Students Reports About Contribution to the 2015 WOMC


1) My Experience as the Vice President For Protocol and Logistics of the Conference

2) Experience With Providing Protocol for the Conference

3 Being an Executive Secretary of the Conference and promote Gender Cause

4) My Responsibility as PR and Fundraising Liaison of the Conference

5) Contribution to Media Campaign and Protocol

6) Moderating Session on Heritage at the Conference

7) Hosting Wife of Federal Judge and Liaising Rotary Clubs

8) Managing Advocacy Campaign and Social Media During the Conference

9) Moderating Session on Education

10) Hosting Federal Judge

11) Hosting VIP-Guest from Nepal

12) Moderating Video Session at the Conference

13) Hosting Permanent Representative of Romania to the United Nations and His Wife

14) Providing Protocol For the Representative of the Mountain Partnership

15) Hosting President of Andrei Sakharov Foundation

16) Hosting VIP guests From Central Asia

17) Working With Representative of the Mountain Institute

18) Interviewing The Delegates During the Conference

19) My responsibility for Cultural Activities During Conference

20) Helping With Logistics During Women of the Mountains Conference

21) Drafting the Final Document of the Conference

22) Enjoying the Concert Of Igor Gruppman After the Conference