International Women’s Day

2011 Utah HomeDay 1 - March 8th

March 9 - Page 1

7:30 - 8:00 am Registration - Outside LI 120 Library Auditorium
8:00 - 8:15 am Plenary Session: From International Year of the Mountains to the Women of the Mountains in the Rocky Mountain States - LI 120

Introduction: Samridhi Poudel, Student of Utah Valley University
Moderator: Dr. Baktybek Abdrisaev, Co-Organizer of the Conference, History and Political Science, Utah Valley University

Greetings from Dr. Danielle Butler, the Honorary Co-Chair of the Conference and the Honorary Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic to Utah
8:15 - 8:35 am Keynote morning address - LI 120

"How to save the Mountain Communities of Central Asia," Dr. Frederick F. Starr, Chairman, Central Asia and Caucasus Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC
8:35 - 8:50 am Coffee Break
8:50 - 10:05 am Plenary Session: Mountain Partnership: Expanding Membership, Facilitating Cooperation Within and Between Regions and Promoting Gender Issues – LI- 120

Introduction: Terri Lindorf, Student of UVU
Moderator: Dr. Douglas McGuire, Mountain Partnership Secretariat, FAO-U.N., Rome

Round Table of the Mountain Partnership Members:
1. Mrs. Elbegzaya (Zaya) Batjargal, Regional Program Officer, Mountain Partnership Secretariat- Decentralized Hub for Central Asia, University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
2. Mrs. Karinjo De Vore, Chairperson, Aspen International Mountain Forum, Colorado
3. Mrs. Rebecca Wallace, City of Aspen and Town of Basalt, Colorado
4. Mrs. Marcie Bidwell, Mountain Studies Institute in Colorado
5. Mr. Mike Duthrie, NGO “Help”, Utah 6. Mr. Bruce Chesnut and Mrs. Charlene Mackay, City of Orem, Utah
7. Mrs. Diane Foster, Park City, Utah
8. Dr. Bonnie L. Pitblado, Utah State University, Utah
9. Representative of Salt Lake City, Utah
10. Dr. Rusty Butler, Vice President for International Affairs and Diplomacy, Utah Valley University, Utah
11. Mr. Igor Gruppman, Gruppman International Violin Institute, Utah
12. Mrs. Candra Day, President, VISTA 360, Wyoming
10:05 - 10:20 am Coffee Break
10:20 - 11:20 am Plenary Session: Women and Conflict Resolution: Round Table with delegation of women from Kyrgyzstan - LI 120

Introduction: John MClure, Vice-President, Russian Club of Utah Valley University
Moderators: Dr. Michael Minch, Associate Professor, Humanities/Philosophy, Utah Valley University and Dr. Alan Palmer, Professor, Brigham Young University, Fulbright Scholar at the American University in Central Asia (2009-2010)

1. Isirayeva, Sagyn, Chair, Batken State University, Russian Language and Literature Department
2. Kazakova, Sakhida, Principal, Pokrovka Secondary School, Talas Province
3. Namazaliyeva, Rakhat, School Principal, Bakai Koroliev Secondary School
4. Payziyeva, Gulupa, Teacher-Coordinator, Secondary School, Arpa-Tektir Village, Osh Oblast
5. Usupbekova, Elvira, General Manager, Krasnorechenskiy Village Sports Complex, Chui Province Djanybaeva,
6. Aijamal, Facilitator, Senior Lawyer, Atan Consult, LLC

March 9 - Page 2

11:00 - 12:00 pm Session for Documentaries, - LI 303

Introduction and Comments: Mrs. Karinjo De Vore, President, Aspen International Mountain Forum
Moderator: Professor Haas, JaNae Brown, History and Political Science, Utah Valley University

" Live, Love, Eat, Mountan*‘ and "Growing Home**",* Film about celebration of International Year of Mounttains in aspen, Colorado, **Futuristic Film, featuring World Champion Telemark skier; Nick DeVore, filmed in Morocco, a member of the Mountain Partnership. It is the story of Nick climbing and skiing the high peaks of the Atlas Mountains and then traveling to the coast to surf. He is impressed with Morocco's traditional terraced agriculture and is determined to apply what he learned in Morocco to his high altitude land in the Elk Mountains of Colorado, Colorado, 45 minutes in total
11:30 - 1:00 pm Panel#5: Human Trafficking and Exploitation – Library Timpanogos Room

Co-Chair: Dr. Michael Minch, Associate Professor, Humanities/Philosophy, Utah Valley University
Co-Chair: Dr. Karen Mizell, Associate Professor, Humanities/Philosophy, Utah Valley University

1. Tyler Brklacich (US), “Social Aspects to Combat Human Trafficking” (Presentation )
2. Rebecca Bishop, (US) “Relationship between EU citizen’s public awareness of Human Trafficking and Demographic Characteristics” (Presentation )
3. Celeste Lojik, David Connelly, (US) “The dark industry of global sex trafficking and Demographic Characteristics” (Presentation )
4. Jacque Baumer, US-UVU “Child Brides, Arranged Marriages and Domestic Slaves; Unseen Women Trafficked from Asia to the U.S.”
5. Brett Parkinson, "Human Trafficking: What it is and What You Can Do about It."
11:30 - 1:30 pm Panel #6: Leadership for Women – LI 120

Co-Chair: Dr. Jill Jasperson, Associate Professor, Legal Studies, Utah Valley University
Co-Chair: Dr. Elaine Englehardt, Distinguished Professor of Ethics, Professor of Philosophy, Special Assistant to the President, Utah Valley University

1. Chinara Saparova, (Kyrgyzstan) “Leadership of rural women in Kyrgyzstan: changing the stereotype” (Presentation )
2. Roger Blomquist, (US) “Sacagawea: Mountain Woman and Sword of Suffrage”
3. Sevinj Mirzayeva, (Norway) “Women as leaders in Southern Caucasus” (Presentation )
4. Natalya Lizunkina, (Kazakhstan) “Women’s education in modern Kazakhstan” Presentation )
5. Nino Sozashvili, (Georgia) “Georgian Feminism or Feminism in Georgia?”Utah (Presentation )
11:30 - 1:30 pm Panel #7: “Access to information and public services for women” – LI512

Co-Chair: Dr. David W. Johnson, Professor and Chair, Technology Management Department, UVU
Co-Chair: Dr. Cheryl Hanewicz, Assistant Professor, Technology Management, UVU,

1. Lynn England, (US) “Urban poverty among Migrant Raramuri women” (Presentation )
2. Barry Maxfield, (US) “Open source initiatives that allow the most remote and economically disadvantaged women to become part of the world’s communications networks” (Presentation )
3. Joel Greer, (US) “Women of Indigenous Mayan Communities in Central Highlands of Guatemala” (Presentation )
4. Zamira Djusupova (Macao), Alexey Semyonov (USA), Baktybek Abdrisaev, (US) E-Governance for Women in Mountainous Regions: Potential and Challenges for Developing Countries

March 9 - Page 3

12:00 - 1:30 pm Session for Documentaries - LI 303

Introduction and Comments: Candra Day, President, Vista 360 (WY)
Moderator: Professor Haas, JaNae Brown, History and Political Science, Utah Valley University

Arctic Dance: The Mardy Murie Story, a very good companion to the film, Forever Wild. Mardy Murie was one of America's first environmentalists and is called "the grandmother of the Conservation movement" by both the Sierra Club and the Wilderness Society. She helped in the passage of the Wilderness Act, and was instrumental in creating the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She was the recipient of the Audubon Medal, the John Muir Award, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom—the highest civilian honor awarded by the United States. A great woman. She lived for many years in Jackson Hole. And the film is very well-done, made by Jackson Hole filmmakers. More info available: Running time is 75 min.
1:00 - 2:30 pm Lunch – Library Lakeview Room.

Introduction: Chris Fee, Student of UVU
Greetings from Dr. Asylbek Aidaraliev (read Pierre Padiukov), President, International University of Kyrgyzstan;
Greetings from Mayor of Park City Dana Williams

Keynote lunch address: "Empowering Women at Home and Abroad: Advocacy, Education, and Leadership Development," Dr. Susan Madsen. Attendance for this event is by invitation.
1:30 - 2:30 pm Session for Documentaries, - LI 303

Introduction and Comments: Chinara Saparova, Manager of the Local Governance Department, Public Foundation Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (PF MSDSP KG), An initiative of the Aga Khan Foundation
Moderator: Professor Haas, JaNae Brown, History and Political Science, Utah Valley University

"The Queen of the South", Documentary from Kyrgyzstan, 58 minutes
2:30 - 3:45 pm Plenary Session: Women, the Rocky Mountains, and the Environment– LI- 120

Introduction: M’Lissa Griffith, Student of UVU
Moderator: Dr. Norman Wright, Dean, Woodbury School of Business

“Forever Wild,” a film hosted by Robert Redford with readings by Terry Tempest Williams highlighting the efforts of three women to protect Aspen’s wilderness

“Expanded Vision for a Proposed Mountain-Focused ‘Science and Technology Center’ at Utah State University, Logan,” Dr. Bonnie L. Pitblado, Associate Professor of Anthropology; Director, Anthropology Program; and Director, Museum of Anthropology, Utah State University, Logan

“Building Bridges Between Science and Society in the San Juan Mountain Region,” Marcie Bidwell, Executive Director, Mountain Studies Institute, Silverton, Colorado (Presentation )

“Park City, Utah, USA: Why Do We Care About Climate Change and What are We Doing About It,” Diane Foster, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Park City, Utah (Presentation )

“Making a Difference in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley,” Karinjo DeVore and Rebecca Wallace, Aspen International Mountain Forum

March 9 - Page 4

2:30 - 4:00 pm Session for Documentaries - LI 303

Introduction and Comments: Candra Day, President, Vista 360 (WY)
Moderator: Professor Haas, JaNae Brown, History and Political Science, Utah Valley University

“Red Rock Rondo,” a very enjoyable music film. The Red Rock Rondo ~ Zion Canyon Song Cycle spans 150 years beginning with the settlement of the Virgin River Valley by Mormon pioneers in the 19th century, to the founding of Zion National Park in the 20th century, to modern times when artists and urban refugees come to find their own piece of paradise. The Song Cycle is performed on a lively assortment of folk and classical instruments for ten new songs interwoven with the winds of local residents whose stories inspired composer Phillip Bimstein. Many of the songs evoke the lives of women in Springdale Utah over the past century. Filmed live in and around Zion National Park. Same performers are scheduled to perform at conference on evening of March 8th -- just a few of the songs that are included in the film. Experience for viewer highly pleasant, inspiring and relaxing! Very interesting example of composer making music about his own home town. Running time is 58 minutes
3:45 - 4:00 pm Coffee Break
4:00 - 5:00 pm Plenary Session: Gender Initiatives and Latin American Mountainous Nations - LI 120

Introduction: Reynaldo Benitez, Student of UVU
Moderator: Dr. William Cobb, Professor, History and Political Sciences Department, UVU

"Andes and Women" Miguel Saravia, Director of CONDESAN and Mountain Partnership focal point for Latin America (Via Google Talk) (Document )

“The impact of one-way northward migration on families, women and children,” The Honorable Jeffrey Jones, Undersecretary for Agriculture of Mexico (2006-2009)

“Common challenges of women in Peru and Utah, how Peruvian women have overcome them and how to apply their resourceful principles in the U.S.”, Mr. David Utrilla, Honorary Consul of Peru to Utah (Slides )

“Spain: Social Values and Attitudes towards Women,” Dr. Baldomero Lago, Honorary Consul of Spain to Utah, Languages Department Chair, Utah Valley University (Slides )
4:50 - 5:05 pm Coffee Break
5:05 - 5:35 pm Plenary Session: Summary of the Panel Co-Chairs about results of discussions – LI 120

Introduction: Travis Zirker, Student of UVU
Moderator: Dr. Douglas McGuire, Coordinator of the Mountain Partnership Secretariat, UN-FAO, Rome
5:35 - 6:00 pm Meeting of Dr. McGuire with members of MP about further plans of cooperation
5:35 - 6:00 pm Tour of Utah Valley University
6:00 - 8:00 pm Grand Finale reception - UVU Ball room

Introduction: Brandon Merrill, Student of UVU
Moderator: Professor Dennis Farnsworth, Utah Valley University,

Keynote dinner address by Vesna Gruppman, Co-director, Gruppman International Violin Institute (GIVI), member of the Mountain Partnership
Entertainment “Voice of Mountains”– Attendance for this event is by invitation.
2011 Utah HomeDay 1 - March 8th