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Dr. Butler advocates for eradicating poverty in the mountains during ECOSOC session

Promoting mountain countries during the Model UN conference

UIMF Advocates Mountain Women at CSW61

2017 International Women's Day at UVU

UVU Student Experiential Learning by Hosting Ambassador Eileen Malloy

Envoy From Uzbekistan to the UN Comes to Utah

UIMF - Discussed Mountain Targets and SDGs with PR of Kenya to the UN, Ambassador Macharia Kamau

UIMF - International Mountain Day Builds Friendship between Families in Utah and Pakistan

UIMF - Celebrating International Mountain Day 2016 Through Experiential Learning

UIMF - UVU Hosts Rotary International: Learning Cultures To Build Ties With Mountain Nations

UIMF - Discussing Sustainable Mountain Development with Germany's U.N Ambassador

UIMF - Lessons Of The Climate Change Impact on Mountain Livelihoods From Drowning Islands

UIMF - Building Cultural Bridges between Georgia and Utah

UIMF - Promoting the mountain cause at ECOSOC Doc 1 , Doc 2 , Doc 3

UIMF - UVU recognized in United Nations report

MP - Volunteering with the MP Secretariat

UIMF - Assisting Dr Rusty Butler in Preparation for ECOSOC Forum

>UVU PR - UVU intern attends discussion on Sustainable Mountain Development at United Nations , UIMF Report

UVU at CSW60 -Day 1,Day 2,Day 3,Tony Medina, UIMF President's Report

UIMF -Contributing to the International Women’s Day Celebration at UVU

UVU PR - Join UVU in honoring Dr. Rusty Butler

UVU PR - UVU delegation to attend 60th-session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women , Press Release

UIMF - UVU Student Reports about his Internship at FAO-UN

UIMF - Gaining Experience and Promoting UN Issues in Utah

UIMF - The Role of the Grass-Roots Approach in Implementing the POST-2015 Agenda

UVU PR UIMF receives international recognition

UIMFCelebrating International Mountain Day 2015 with H.E Peter Thomson of Fiji

UIMF 2015 International Mountain Day Celebration in Utah

UVU UVU sends first student intern to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization

Seasons Greetings from the Mountain Partnership

MP News Meeting discusses inclusive mountain development

FAO International Mountain Day Celebration at the U

UVU Students Gather Signatures for Mountain Petition

Mountain Partnership: Meeting discusses inclusive mountain development

Sign Petition Supporting Mountains at the Paris Climate Change Forum

Leading the Global Agenda on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

Students engaged learning by hosting International Women of the Mountains conference

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